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What is a Doctor of the Built Environment?

A doctorate is the highest-level academic qualification which a university can bestow. Doctorates are only awarded to those who demonstrate leadership in their chosen discipline by making a significant and original contribution to its specialist field of knowledge. The doctoral award is focussed on professional practice in the construction and property sectors. (University of Salford).

Definition of the Built Environment

The term can be defined as:

“…. a range of practice-oriented subjects concerned with the design, development and management of buildings, spaces and places….

…. including architecture, town planning, land and property management, building surveying, construction technology, landscape design, housing policy and management, transport planning and urban regeneration”.

Ron Griffiths, Knowledge production and the research-teaching nexus: the case of the built environment disciplines. Studies in Higher Education, 29(6), 709-726.




Robert Ozols – Achieved Doctorate status


Due to high commitment and expectation requirements, doctoral awards are uncommon, particularly in the construction industry, so much so, that it is believed Robert Ozols is uniquely qualified in the country as being a doctor operating as a small building contractor.

Your home is one of the most expensive items purchased in your life so when you need a building contractor, why leave this valuable asset to chance.

This may culminate to project completion as provided by the contractor’s work Robert Ozols Limited were commissioned to put right in the popular BBC programme Cowboy Trap.



Robert Ozols has over forty years of industry experience and qualification to provide the service requirement to get your project moving.

“Thank you very much for your perseverance with the roof, it is much appreciated. We would be glad to provide a phone reference for further work should you require it. Thank you for the excellent job”.